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Stallion Delivery

What we do: (Example)
-Rush to Location (Toronto)
-Over-sized Items (Car fenders)
-Dedicated Runs (Daily pick-ups and drops-offs at all your stores)
-Direct to your customers (Paint pails to jobs sites)
-Deliver Skids (Must fit in cargo van at this time)
-Hand-bomb (Multiple boxes on and off)
-Hundreds of Pounds (Boxes of Metal Bearings)

-Don't charge by size (Don't worry about that bulky item)

We are professional couriers providing exceptional service at a competitive rate! We meet the unique needs of a variety of small and large businesses through speed of delivery, security of customer goods, and stability through reliable service. Our main focus is providing our business partners the best customer support and service possible because we are an extension of their business. With haste, we get your job done!


What we don't do:
-$20 small letters/packages to Windsor (High Expenses)

-Not a volume player (Can't compete with Fed-Ex, Purolator, UPS)

-We are not Movers (Sorry no heavy appliances, unless on skids)

-No B & D (No we can't get you alcohol)

-No we don't ship worldwide

-No Dangerous Goods
-No extremely breakable items (no glass, unless properly packaged)
-No large-scale furniture assembly

-No food delivery
-No person transportation

Why Choose Us?

Our Operations & Specialties:

Stallion Delivery is a small business operating out of Kitchener, Ontario. Our Red Stallion team believes in understanding our strengths so we can maximize them to help your business. We are first and foremost a business assistance enterprise. Our role is to provide value by strengthening your operations. We do this by providing services that save you money and time. Our strengths and services cannot only help you out of a tight situation through a rush delivery; they also keep your team focused on the core operations of your business, instead of worrying about those dedicated daily deliveries. Let us help you!  We are capable of working with you on all fronts including pricing, time-frames, and products or loads. We want to work with you as partners to help us all succeed, grow and provide value to our communities. By knowing how and where we can offer value to your business, we hope that you will choose us when the time comes for your deliveries.

Offering a wide range of services, we work with our customers to provide the custom solutions they need. We also put your business first!


Looking for a delivery service you can trust? Look no further! We’re the most professional, fast, and reliable team in the area.